The flagship activity of the KDMA is the annual conference. First held in 1976, the association has hosted a conference each year in a local or overseas destination. The conference aims to achieve excellence in many aspects – a broad range of speakers with interest for both specialists and general practitioners, quality accommodation and facilities, interesting locations and activities, and good value for families. The annual week long conference is organised through an experienced travel agent, and many opportunities exist for holiday extensions either before or after the conference. Attendance is open to both members and non-members of the KDMA.


Travel documents have been received, bags are packed (well nearly) and we are ready to embark on this fabulous conference to be held in Berlin and Vienna from 3-11th September. There will be a Post Conference tour to Salzburg and Prague from 11-16 September.  For last minute registration ring Vivien Zaarour at Northshore Travel on 02 9418 2546 or for further information email  

Click here for the KDMA BROCHURE  and 2019 Conference Registration Form.


is to be held in Malta from 7-16 June with a Post Conference Tour from 16-22 June, 2020.

Ring Domenica Redford at ABC Travel on 02 9222 7777 or for further information email

Click here for the KDMA Conference  and 2020 conference Malta & Sicily registration form.